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Welcome to the Sacred Feminine Journey with Plants. Before you go on, YES I do also work with men and Sacred Feminine energy is not only accessible for women, in fact, it is available to us all. I found that working with this Primordial energy was the greatest healer for my chronic illnesses.
 If you are in pain, dis-ease or struggling to find clarity with life, then you landed in the right nest.
I have overcome my own Endometriosis, survived metastatic Cancer and overcome many toxic addictions.
  My life is a living expression of the impact that Sacred Feminine Energy can have on your Mind, Body & Soul and life force!
Kelly specialises in:
*Womens Health & Well-Being 
*Trauma & Abuse (male & female)
*Mental & Emotional imbalances
*Cancer (Cancer Coaching programmes available)
*Digestion/ Weight Loss
*Plant communications.
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The Sacred Feminine Journey with Plants.

Women and nature are inseparable. The Sacred Feminine Journey with Plants is a 3 levelled journey that deepens your relationship and embodiment of Sacred Feminine Energy.

Nature is the greatest teacher for us to experience the Divine and plants support us to tap into this wisdom.

Each level offers you an opportunity to sit in a ceremonial setting & experience what isSacred Feminine Energy and how to strengthen and apply this energy towards a successful, peaceful and beautiful life.

Level 1. Sacred Feminine Journey with Plants. 'with Essential Oils'.

Level 2. Sacred Feminine Journey with Plants. 'Detox & Deep Dive'. Purification for the Mind, Body & Soul.

Level 3. Sacred Feminine Journey with Plants. 'Shine - Business. Blood. Success.'

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What others say about these programmes:

Level 1 ~ Essential Oil Testimonials

"This ceremony has gifted me a deeper understanding of my of nature, plant beings and tools for transformation .
It has helped me manage my energy through the day and gain answers that I didn't know I had questions to.
I would recommend this to others, I would tell others to treat themselves to the most important gifts - nature and connection and let themselves be watered."
Maya x 

Level 2 ~ Detox & Deep Dive Testimonials

"This Detox & Deep Dive has impacted my life with a greater understanding of how to self-regulate and balance my life. Recognition of some behaviour patterns that weren't serving me and based on outdated childhood narratives. Taken action with my family to settle my inner child. Alleviation of physical symptoms and generally feeling much more energised and in-sync with my moon cycle.
It has improved my constipation improving / haemorrhoids reduced dramatically. I have higher energy levels and my sleep has started to get more consistent."
I am taking from this ceremony awareness of need to put my needs first, improved communication with my family. Daily practices of intention setting and meditation. Diet adjustments."
The Food Medicine Plan is a complete balancer of my mind and body. I would absolutely recommend this to others - this is an outstanding program and if you're open minded, prepared to do the work the changes are incredible and occur extremely quickly. Amazing support throughout the program too!"
I loved getting together and sharing insights, also kept me motivated."
Charlotte, Age 44

"This has impacted most areas of my world. My daily life , my physical body, my mental health and more deeply my spirit world. All of these parts of me have until now been running separately , now they feel that they are aligned with each other , which gives a sense of wholeness equilibrium. I haven' connected to my true walk and soul journey for a long time.

I have dropped over 8 kilos of excess baggage , definitely not needed any more. My thoughts and mental world is more grounded , less flighty and therefore it is more easy to process on the mental plane. My moods have leveled out to a fine and regular rhythm. I am more deeply aware of who I truly am and al last I am on the way to loving myself dearly.
I am taking so much from this , as well as all the transformations presented above, as well as a deeper welcoming of the dark and more painful processes. I can now truly perceive the beauty of the blooming rose but only because I have felt the stab of her thorns and have bleed onto the earth. The magic of my blood meeting the mother has been a little rebirthing.
The Food Medicine Plan felt stabilising on every level mind. body and soul. Yes, I would recommend this to others! I would tell them of my experience."
Mai Lyn ~ Age 64
"OMG It’s bought a massive change to every part of my life. I have confronted big parts of my life I have tried to hide from. With Kelly’s support and guidance I feel I have worked through a lots of buried issues.
I feel more energetic. In control of what and when I eat. Slept better. No bloating. Feel healthier. Enjoying meals and appreciating them.
The positive influence I have most gained is it's allowed me to think about myself.  I can now look after myself so I’m able to look after others around me.
The Food plan has given me back control of what and when I eat.
Yes !! I would totally recommend this to others, I never thought I could get so much from this but I’ve learnt so many new things. Kelly guides you through looking into your deepest thoughts."
Naomi, Age 60
"The Detox & Deep dive helped me to slow down and be with myself. Even though I have a lot of free time atm I kept myself distracted by TV shows and internet. This program gave me tools to sit with myself and really feel in rather than avoiding and running away from pain and feelings. I also learnt to pay more attention to my food, making nourishing meals instead of unhealthy quick fixes that fill the tummy instead of nourishing.
I have lost weight. I have noticed a freedom in my cells. I have been in a lot of pain and this has helped to reduce this pain and discomfort by allowing me to see the benefits of really feeling into why that is there.
I am now being ok with eating meat...Sitting in silence and really being with myself instead of with all of the distractions of life. Allowing nature to fill my life and be present with it. Really asking plant medicine to guide and help the processes of healing and feeling.
It has shown me what is easier for me to deal with and what is not. Its about purpose, having food and food medicine have, a purpose in your life instead of it filling a hole. Filling the loss that we have been unable to honestly sit and realise what is missing in that hole I am trying to fill and cover up with sugar, wine and treats.
I would highly recommend this detox to others who are ready for it. It will change your life.
The thing I loved most about this was the fact that it was hard but the support was there to allow you to continue instead of giving up when it became emotionally intense."
Sharon 40

Level 3 ~ Shine! Leadership Testimonials

"Yes, absolutely 100% I would whole heartedly recommend this.

Whilst on the programme I experienced a reduction from excruciating, unbearable pain to moderate pain. I also went from being on pain killers most of the time to completely drug free and clean. Since doing the programme and changing my diet I am still experiencing noticeable changes in my cycle and have an increased number of painless days per month. When I met Kelly I only had 5-7 days per month pain free, that has increased to 2-3 weeks now.

I am more in tune with myself and have deepened my love for my body and what I've been through.

I would recommend the programme to other woman and would encourage them to enter it with an open mind. The programme was far more spiritual than medical and I got a lot out of it but I don't know that this approach would be for everyone.

 In relation to my visions, goals and projects I have learnt to access the energy that's available to me has increased my self-awareness. Knowing that I can support the stages of my cycle means that I have more focused time on my goals. I feel less all over the place, less driven by my cycle and more in control."

Virginia, Age 45



" Shine programme changed my life! I was feeling sluggish, had bad period pain, didn't know what career path I wanted to choose and had bad eating habits which caused bloating on a daily basis.

After doing the six week program I couldn't believe how much my life had changed.

I felt lighter, had loads more energy, my head felt clearer, felt more confident and I could finally make decisions regarding my career.

Now I am doing everything I've always wanted to do.

I have great balance with my life and I feel I deal with even the toughest situations in a calm way.

I highly recommend every woman to do the 6 week program. It will change your life. "

Chrissy , Age 43

"100%, I would recommend this program to every woman I know! I undertook the course to help heal my womb and my connection with her but this knowledge is something the sisterhood needs to be reintroduced to. To have the sacredness of being a woman restored is not something you can put a price on. If you have 6 weeks, this program will impact your life in the most positive way.

The program has allowed me to streamline my visions, projects and goals. Giving me the guidance about when to dream big and when to act on those dreams. This has given me more drive, direction and passion whilst also helping to bring people into my field that are also dreaming my dreams, allowing beautiful collaborations in my business realm.

I committed to everything that was guided by Kelly during the program. I followed her nutritional recommendations, I utilised the amazing chinese herbs that were offered, I made playlists with the music recommended, worked with the colours for each cycle, and stimulated my individual pressure points which were just some of the things that gave the experience such a beautiful completeness. Kelly holds such a beautiful container of support for you and allows you to dive right in and try it all as the support is there when you need it.

 The programme has reduced my pain and physical symptoms by 50% over the 6 weeks. I am so overwhelmingly happy and shocked (in a  great way) with the results. Over these past 6 weeks I have regained such a large part of my life back as my pain impacted me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

 I have always believed that something was wrong with me, that the pain I felt every month was a curse. This programme has helped me to unpack this belief and realise that I just never really understood my body and what it was asking me to look at.  I have become more aware and intune with my body, giving it the love, grace and compassion that it deserves. It has allowed me to embrace my phases and all of my emotions, passions and desires that flow in those phases."

Tahlia ~ 'Heal Well', Age 35


" 100%!!! I would say do this!! - OMG I have just finished this program about my blood shed and I have never felt more connected to my cycle!  

I have learnt so much and feel so empowered. To have someone like kel nurture and support you in all of your womanhood is incredibly powerful - the opening I did, just by sitting and talking to other women about my feelings and my body was a massive step for me and to now start the conversation with other women makes me feel proud! My womb is beaming!!! I live for my blood shed as I now see it as such a privilege.. I am so honoured and grateful for my bloodshed. The shine program has given me the knowledge/ wisdom to plan my life around my phases, with this wisdom I am able to organise when I should really buckle down on my projects, as well as when I should be taking it easy and not beating myself up for it! 

This program has made me inspired and proud to be a woman who sheds blood! It has taught me of all the wonderful layers and depths of being a woman! My emotional stability has grown as I surrender to each of my phases now I no longer have to beat myself up for feeling certain ways. My connection with self has grown as well as my connection to Mother Nature and spirit, I am more inspired to dive deep into my body and my spirituality and connection to the Divine, everything we were taught deeply resonated with me. THANK YOU! 

I did follow the guidelines except for the nutritional recommendations.  At the time I was not resonating with eating flesh but after finishing the program I 'coincidentally' felt the urge to start eating fish and seafood every now and then! I practiced zero sugar, however I still had my coffee in the mornings except for when I was on my bleed! 

I did however enjoy the healing benefits of the Moxa, herbal tea support from a healer, cacao, filtered water, moon time magic oil! 

I feel that now I am more prepared for my bleed has even just helped me! Being in last light and knowing to create a cosy and supportive  space for my bleed as well as meal prep has made my bleed feel so much easier! I am more tapped into where exactly the pain is coming from if I am to get it now and through kels teachings I am able to go deep into the why behind the pain! I'll now sit with the pain(if I have any) and breathe into my body as well as use my moon time magic and my chi moving herbs. This really helps and instead of just numbing the symptom of the pain with medications I am able to grow more by feeling it out! My shift in mindset through this program has been my greatest ally."

Tayla ~ Lumaraki Herbs , Age 30


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"May all beings be happy, may all beings be free, may all beings be healthy and may we all have everything we need to ensure our waters run pure & clean again ~ for all generations to come."