The Worlds Biggest Detox & Deep Dive – Jan 2nd 2022! ($AUD)


($AUD- Australian Dollars)

We have collaborated our talents to bring you the biggest Detox & Deep Dive. New Year Resolutions have never been more supported! Led by Kelly Phoenix Rose & Ryan Rose Evans.


Meet Kelly: Sydney’s Leading Sacred Feminine Health Specialist, Spiritual Life Coach, Cancer Coach, Holistic Therapist, Medicine Woman, Shamanic Healer, Plant Communicator, Yoga Teacher and Mystic. Specialising in Women’s Health & Wellbeing, Cancer, Trauma, Emotional & Mental Imbalances and Digestive Disorders. 


Meet Ryan: Integrative Medicine Practitioner in Dietetics and Microbiology, Holistic Health, Emotional Healing Point of Creation Therapy, Psychotherapy, Detoxification, Gut Health, Functional Testing, Trauma Release Exercise Therapist.


Together We intend to share our expertise in a collective experience through an online purification of the Mind, Body & Soul. Get ready to shake off last year and reconnect back to the light for 2022.


We have amped up the power portal (zoom) and created this detox to be hosted within a ceremonial setting. This means more opportunity for deep diving into the soul, so we can get to & clear out the shadows that keep us at a low vibration.

We will share our expert advice and target the two major factors that influence stored toxicity & low grade behavioural patterns; the Mind &  the Body. 

This is what makes this detox so successful, we tackle both.

You will have access to Kelly & Ryan’s skills through our direct coaching, live via our zoom ceremony. We are hoping you will bring to the table a New Year’s resolution that needs support, as we are here to help & guide you through eliminating and unravelling that which no longer serves.

That’s right – it is actually face to face, you are detoxing in a group with real people. This makes the ‘hard times’ not as hard, we are together. You will have 28 days of real-life interaction online and via our Whatsapp group. 



Throughout the journey, you will explore and gain insight into how plants can be supportive allies. Kelly will gently lead you around the Sacred Feminine Wheel to support a holistic unravelling of the mind, body, heart and soul. This wheel contains healing energies that both genders can access and work with.

This is a unique gift that promotes you creating a deeper connection with plants and nature, heart & soul, which can continue long after the ceremony has closed. The plants that we will be working with are targeting towards healing outdated wounds and patterns of the past. Throughout the 28 days, Kelly will be doing energy clearing, healings and sharing many of her gifts alongside one of her favourite brothers, Ryan. 

The sacred master teacher plants we will be working with are Rosemary & Holy Basil. 

The main way you will be working with these plants is through practices which connect you to your higher self, through teas and essential oils. 

You will be required to source a small amount of these teas before the ceremony starts. All of this will be instructed to you prior to our opening circle. 

Over the 28 days this circle will encourage you to experience healing of any childhood traumas and/or any past stressors that have resulted in outdated behavioural patterns. We may most often see these patterns come out when we regulate ourselves with food, drink, drugs and so on. 

All the processes which Kelly provides give you an opportunity to recreate neuro patterns and upgrade them with insights from your heart.  Here are some examples of the processes you may experience:

  • Shamanic Drum Journey
  • Breathwork/ Re-birthing
  • Counselling / Coaching / Mentoring/ Kinesiology if required.
  • Intuitive and Guided Transmissions
  • Guided Dance & Meditation
  • Spiritual Plant Connections
  • Holistic therapeutic practices
  • Energetic Clearings

& more…


You will be recommended a Food Medicine plan. This plan I personally used to overcome my chronic diseases and find it very effective for most disorders. Although this plan is not ‘healing you’, it is setting you up to be in a position that allows you to heal yourself!

This guidance is intended to put the body into an ancient vibrational frequency that supports healing. We eat a lot and this plan does not require any “products” or “fad” style diets, so don’t worry, I won’t starve you (much).

The food combinations which we will eat is an alchemy at the cellular level, allowing your immune system to flourish. It will unshackle the suppression & depression from deep within the cells and allow us to flow into a fresh start.

– Gut healing

– Starving off bad bacteria

– Sealing the gut lining

– Lymph motion, massage and stimulation

– Setting up your morning routine

– Low-tox living

– Water quality

– Optimal sleep environment

– Social media detox

– Body shaking, Chi gong

– Optimal digestion, bitters, meal times, pooping.

– Psoas opening for gut and nervous system


Let’s get the physical body fired up, strengthened and purified so we can kick-start back to health & wellbeing for 2022! 

Is this challenging? 

Change always presents with some sort of discomfort so yes, at some point it may be challenging for you. That’s a good thing, it means it’s working and the good news is that you are held in a container with us. You will never feel alone, and our Whatsapp group is on hand when times get tough. Remember, it is necessary to feel uncomfortable to support finding a new way, this is change occuring. Re-create the neurology through the Mind-Body connection. As we all know, doing it together makes it easier. 

What do we actually do?

We meet online every few days to awaken, deepen and direct our practices towards a greater detox.

Each day you will be given instructions that we hope you adhere to. This helps to keep the energy of the group high and strong. 

Kelly will be guiding and supporting the EMOTIONAL, MENTAL & SPIRITUAL blockages whilst Ryan shares his abundance of wisdom in the PHYSICAL & BIO-CHEMICAL aspects of the body and detoxification.



Mon-Fri sessions will be allocated 6am AEST

Sat – Sun sessions will be allocated 5pm AEST

It is compulsory to attend the opening & closing and ideally you will be present in each LIVE session. NO RECORDINGS will be handed out due to the nature of the spaceship. 

The full timetable will be released shortly. 


Go to – online payments ‘The worlds biggest Detox & Deep Dive’ or follow this link to get you there.

Bookings close 26th Dec 2021.

Limited Spaces – don’t miss out. 

You get all of this for only : $848 AUD