Level 3. Shine. April 12th – May 22nd 2022



*Wisdom- pieces of the puzzle- someone to tell me what the fuck is going on and how do I drive this crazy thing?

*Ways to regulate menstrual discomfort.

*How to identify , understand and manage the rise and fall of the energy system of the female body.

*How to use the power of sacred feminine energy to manifest your dreams.

*How to repair, rejuvenate and restore primordial energy balance.

*How to be spiritually connected to a greater concept whilst living in the face paced demands of western society.


Great, let’s get SHINING!

For over 15 years I had quested to find these answers. It is an honour to share the wisdom that I have accumulated with you.

This ‘quest’ was prompted by my Endometriosis diagnosed at 14yrs. The professionals never gave me answers and neither did my mother. I was shooting in the dark until I wasn’t. I now Shine.

What got me to Shine was the awakening and illumination of the internal navigational map of Sacred Feminine Energy and the pattern or wheel that it runs on. This is what the elders would have handed down to us, but then came the dark ages.

This programme gives you the answers to my quest. The therapeutic , emotional , nutritional, spiritual and energetic leadership that the absence of ‘wise elders’ in my life could have given me.

With what do I fill that piece?

The programme discusses how to identify, manage and restore the major energetic influences of the female psyche.

These major topics are:

  1. The Moon & the unstoppable connection we have with it as a woman.

  2. The Elemental system- the impact and activation of Earth, Air, Fire & Water has on the female energy system.

  3. Meridians & Chakras – How Eastern medicine impacts harmony & imbalances of the Mind & Body. Application of potent chinese herbs to support organ nourishment.

  4. Leadership & Coaching intervention: learn how to move with ancient techniques for modern times. Understand how to create & impact your life based off the energy that Sacred Feminine provides naturally through you. Get the job done without tapping into your vital stores.

  5. 6 x weeks of complete access to Kelly and her skills, techniques and shamanic practices.

Everything in this programme got me in the position to overcome my Endometriosis.

This dramatically assisted me through understanding how to best nurture my mind & body when I experienced menopause.

I used the power of Sacred Feminine energy and prayer work to regain, reclaim and restore my sacred cycle.. Yes , even after the doctors had ‘confirmed’ my menopause.

This work was a key component in my survival of my Cancer & Lymphoma diagnosis.

I guarantee you the opportunity to rewire the mechanics of the relationship of being a woman so that in every moment our internal compass reflects light. This light will lead the way to creating your true destiny as a woman on Earth.

Shine teaches you how to embody and live a life channelling Sacred Feminine Energy.