Level 1. Sacred Feminine Journey with Plants ~ Essential Oils


Do you want to know how to turn your essential oil into an activated vibrational healing plant medicine?

This is what the Essential Oil lovers have been waiting for!

This is an entry level experience that guides you to understand the living universe that is available in Essential Oils and how you can use them as healing plant medicine tools.

Level 1. Sacred Feminine Journey with Plants “Activate Your Oils” is an initiation into how to use Sacred Feminine Energy to connect with Essential Oils so we can use our plant relatives for pure, alchemical healing. 

The experience extends beyond the time we spend together into the sacred moments of where elemental forces are available to support the connection between Sacred Feminine Energy and the Spirit of the Plant.

After successful completion of this level you will then be able to move towards creating a unique and more direct experience and supportive ally with the Spirit of the Plant through a ceremonial container that is offered in Level 2.