Level 2. Sacred Feminine Journey with Plants ~ Detox & Deep Dive. Jan 2nd


This powerful coaching ceremony is targeted towards the two major factors that influence stored toxicity & low grade behavioural patterns= the Mind & Body.

There are 2 unique methods that make this detox so successful.

#1 = The direct coaching allows awareness of the motivational causes of our outdated self regulating methods to be address.

#2 = It is face to face. You are doing it in a group with real people. This makes the ‘hard times’ not so hard. When we are together and you have access to Kelly’s powerful processes, it feels real, supported and inspiring.

Throughout the journey you will explore and gain insight into the 4 energy expression and patterns that the Sacred Feminine Energy. This allows you to start to understand the ‘nature’ of this specific energy.

Sacred Feminine Energy is a ‘healing’ energy, it can be uncomfortable when your trying to navigate alone and especially all at once.

Kelly will open a portal for you to receive transmissions and create a relationship with 5 plant allies. This supports us to feel the energy of the plants whilst we unfold and meet the frequencies that hold us back time after time.

The plants we will be working with are Rosemary, Lavender, Rose, Basil and Peppermint. The main way you will be working with these plants through your higher self, teas and essential oils.

Over the 28 days this circle will encourage you to experience healing of any childhood traumas and/or any past stressors that have resulted in creating outdated behavioural patterns. We may most often see these patterns come out when we regulate ourselves with food, drink, drugs and so on.

These unaddressed patterns often express themselves in pain, discomfort , outburst and can lead to many digestive disorders, weight gain and menstrual complications.

The processes that Kelly provides give you an opportunity to recreate neurology and learn how to regulate our mind & body with pure, love and light energy. Here are some examples of her offerings you will receive through this programme.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Shamanic Drum Journey
  • Breathwork/ Re-birthing
  • Counselling / Coaching / Mentoring/ Kinesiology if required.
  • Sacred Feminine Transmissions
  • Guided Dance & Meditation
  • Spiritual Plant Connections
  • Holistic therapeutic practices
  • Energetic Clearings

& more…